Picture wall

Rainy November, stay indoor weather, made a picture wall in my bedroom today...
I love all of the drawings and paintings so very much and one of them is this 30´s fashion drawing.


Last night i was up making some baskets made out of crochet table cloths, its nice to make new things out of old and keep the beautiful work that someone put so much time and love into...
Elisabeth one is yours to keep.


New plate. England meets China

Made a new cake stand today who i call england meets china.
The lower plate is a china plate with flowers and beautiful peacocks, the plate above is english with peonys, butterflies and birds.



I was looking over some old pictures today and got stuck with the vacation pics from both Thailand and India...


Dreams pier

Took a long walk by the pier today. Its such a calming place.
In the afternoon i had some time to make a new cake stand, asian style!


John Bauer

John Bauer absolutely one of my favourites.
Above my daughters bed.


Made a new one

I made a new cake stand today, happy, listening to Tingsek. The only thing missing was a glass of red wine. Think i am going to make another one tonight if i cant sleep. A tiny one for my daughters dolls...


Elvis was gone...

I couldn´t find Elvis this morning, but after an hour i found silly one in my daughters room.
I love lamps, i collect them, bought this funny one on ebay Yeay!


Visited a friend today...

I Visited my best friend Elisabeth today and she gave me a pressie, A bird painting, the one above the toilet. Love.